Before Operation

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Preoperative recommendations

If your surgeryisscheduled, you are kindly required to read this document carefully so that everything happens in the best conditions possible

Your cooperation is essential

Room Reservations – Schedules
For outpatient procedures, prepare to stay half day. Do not expect precise end-time which depends on the organization, the speed at which your arms recovers from anaesthesia, your pain or yourgeneral condition. Nurses can keep informed the person picking you up in advance, so give them the contact phone number.


For in-patients surgeryyou can book a private room. Despite our good will, we must inform you that there is still a possibility of last minute cancelation due to emergency unpredictable trauma case.
The price of the private room is 90 euros per day. This does not apply to outpatient procedures.
The check out time is expected at 11 o’clock.


Anaesthesia consultation
For anaesthesia consultation, call as soon as possible the 01 70 25 25 29 for an appointment with an anaesthesiologist8 to 15 days prior to surgery. This consultation is mandatory.
If you did not carry out this consultation, your surgery will not be possible and will be cancelled.
After your anaesthetic consultation, cardiologic opinion may be required. If you are not already in contact with a cardiologist, this consultation may just follow theanaesthetic consultation.
Please bring all yourcardiologic documents if you have any.

Skin preparation
Help us to prevent infections! Strict hygiene rules must be observed.

The following recommendations result from the 2012 update of the consensus conference :”Preoperative management of infectiousrisk» 2004.
Seealso : [RSOP_Skin_Prep]

The day before operation, you should:
– Cut your nails short
– Remove nail polish
– Take a shower using Betadine or soap and shampoo.
– Dry with a clean towel toilet.
– Brush your teeth

Avoid coming with:
– You should not wear any prosthesis (dental, glasses, contact lenses), jewellery or make-up.
– Do not bring cash or jewellery.
During your stay, you will have full responsability for your valuables and personal items. Remember that you will not be allowed to keep any of these itemsin the operating room.

Round – trip transportation
You cannot leave the hospital without being accompanied.
If you need assistance for transportation, it should beplanned before the surgery.
Travel vouchers are only possible under certain conditions:
Transportation- conditions of reimbursements

Documents to recover before hospital discharge:
Before leaving the hospital, check that you have:
• all your personal belongings
• your operative report
• yourprescriptions
• yourWork leave slip


Will you have to pay fees to the surgeon?
– Check that you have sent the fee estimate (dépassementd’honoraires) to your complementary insurance (MUTUELLE) before surgery to determine the reimbursement.
– The surgery fees are not paid on the day of surgery
– The check(s) you gave before the surgery will be cashed after the intervention according to the dates you have planned.